Area Rugs in Washington DC

I come from a really artistic family and have always been taught to pay attention to the way decor contributes to the feeling and use of a room. My grandmother is the master of polished decor, always decorating her house with holiday or seasonally themed items, sometimes even before I had realized it was time to get in the ‘mood’. As a little kid I used to lay on the floor and trace the beautiful patterns on her rugs with my fingers or I would admire her choice of flowers for the week. Considering how busy current society is in the United States on a daily basis, it is no wonder that I often come across places that are poorly decorated. Finding the right decor for a specific setting is difficult and takes a lot of time and care; each room commands a different type of decor and it is up to each person to determine what that is. No matter how little time I have, however, I take the time to choose and invest in the best decor for the places that I stay in and that I invite other people to stay in. The right decor is important because it relieves stress and conveys the decorators personality, style, and intent when looking for area rugs in Washington DC.

When I moved to college, I hated the idea of living in a dorm setting but loved the idea of being able to decorate a new space. Decor is very important for college students who are starting a new chapter of their lives because they get to choose what parts of themselves are shown through their decoration. I spent a lot of time and money choosing the ‘right’ posters, color of futon, bedspread and organizational supplies for my desk. In some ways I was worried about the way my new roommate was going to perceive me and I wanted to represent the best version of me. Decor is all about perception and I think my experiences as a new adult have taught me that.

This semester I am taking a course on material culture and have learned a lot about the way the types of items used as decor in a room has changed in meaning and purpose. Victorian style social rooms represented both the femininity of the housewife and the economic status of the household. In modern day, the rooms that are utilized most frequently usually have decor that serves a more practical purpose, such as a coffee table that also functions as a storage space. All throughout history and across the world, decor has conveyed messages about a persons social status, religious affiliation, career or hobbies, and cultural background.

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