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The Long Island Film/TV Foundation is established to stimulate and encourage film and TV production on Long Island. Since film and activities on the Island account for over $140 million dollars in revenues per year, the foundation hopes to invite future projects to our area by working closely with industry executives, financiers, film producers, TV/Cable operators and government officials.

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Submissions Now Closed
The time has come and gone for submissions for the 2016 Long Island International Film Expo. Submissions for LIIFE 2017 will open in October 2016.

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Southwestern style is very popular in many of the films we see come through our festival. The old West and westerns have long been a staple of American cinema and we try to stick to that with our festival. Our favorite element to really give off that look is adding area rugs to your set.

At first, it was hard for me to find an area in my life where decor truly mattered the most. In pondering this topic it hit me.  Decor matters in my life and society when it comes to understanding who someone is. This may sound different, but it is true.  The way that someone arranges furniture or the objects around them tells a lot about them as a person. I realized this by looking in my room. The decor of my side of the room is completely different from that of my roommate. On my side, I have bright colors and things that pop out. These things tell that my personality is unique and bright. While on my roommate’s side he has things that denote his interest in comic books and Marvel heroes.

Southwestern Film Set Design

This is just an example of how much decor matters. In society, decor helps one to present a certain perspective or vibe to those looking in. One’s decor gives signals on things like how professional, clean, organized, or well-kept someone is. For example, one time I traveled with my father to his friend’s home. When I got to the house I could sense that there his friend was a businessman. The decor of the home had been structured in a way that presents a professional and sophisticated vibe. When you’re trying to add the southwestern look the first place you should look is at adding southwestern area rugs.  My favorite place to find southwestern area rugs is from Southwestern Rugs Depot.  You should check them out if you’re in the market for some new area rugs for your new film.

If we look through history, decor has always been important. Decor has been an indicator of social status in society since time began. It was known for the royal family to have a certain type of decor to represent their status in society. From that, it is easy to see that decor is very important in everyone’s life. It helps everyone to express their personalities, interests, opinions, beliefs, and so much more. In closing, decor matters in my life and in our society because it enables us to express who we are.…